Neptune wants to dissolve the ego.

. Mars is open and direct and Neptune is secretive and tends to hide his emotions.

My own Pluto exactly Squaring my Asc, his conjunction and opposite my Venus in Leo As a note: He has an early degrees Capricorn North Node exactly conjunct my Capricorn Neptune opposite Cancer Chiron square Aries Mars (probably difficult but sport and art “tied” us).

* Finally, Jupiter opposite Uranus is the power of revolutionary thoughts and ideas, the impulse to expand as we innovate, to innovate as we renew our faith, to progress as we defy old limitations.

Vertex Opposition Mars. Mars(Aries) opposition Ascendant (Libra) 2° Ascendant square, MC 6° Mercury Quincunx, Ascendant 2° Venus Trine Ascendant 8° Moon Square Ascendant 1° Neptune Square. .

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. so, if I dated someone my age, it was part Venus-Neptune and part Mars-Neptune. .

You live for the idea of helping those in need or serving something greater than. .


May 12, 2023 · When Mars is opposite Neptune in a synastry aspect, it can create a push-pull dynamic in a relationship.

Agree to everything/like Pisces, then proceed to do whatever they want. Neptune wants to dissolve the ego.

You may develop an indirect or somewhat covert. of someone's ego.

Transit Mars to Natal Neptune With transit Mars conjunct your natal Neptune, your imagination is active, and you engage in daydreams.
my Neptune 10 Sag my NN 10 Sag.

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. Your energy is directed at serving others. You crave more glamor and drama in your life, and you might act on a whim now without considering the practical consequences.

This is not the time to strive for success, as you would come up against strong opposition, and your chance of winning is not good. This is definitely not a good time to make changes or depend on other people. Mars Square Neptune Natal. . Agree to everything/like Pisces, then proceed to do whatever they want. .

Oct 19, 2018 · Partner’s Neptune Square/ Opposite Your Mercury.

Guilt is also possible, and you may recall hurting someone in the past. mars will spark fire in ics most vulnerable spots.

Mars Opposition Neptune Meaning, Natal Birth Chart Aspect, Free Astrology Interpretations.

Oppositions show a tug of war between opposing forces.