This Hawaiian Pidgin pronunciation of “the kind” is a placeholder for a word or phrase you can’t remember or, if it might be considered rude, that you remember but don’t want to say.


So here are ten ways to use “Da Kine. ”.

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. da kine (not comparable) Good, best. The Hawaiian word for land, locals will often refer to the island youʻre on as the “ʻāina.

What does Da Kine mean in Hawaii? Da Kine is an Hawaiian expression that can be used as a filler word or to refer to something for which there is no specific word.

. . But I found out that it’s a Japanese word meaning “Pumpkin”.

. ” “Da Kine” is the keystone of Pidginit can mean virtually anything, but it’s often used as a shorthand place holder when it is likely the listener will understand what is meant from the context of the sentence.

It literally means "good," "excellent," or "the best.

da kine (not comparable) Good, best.

So here are ten ways to use “Da Kine. .

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What does "da kine" in Dog the Bounty Hunter's Da Kine Bail Bonds mean? HAWAI‘I Magazine reader Verlin Bulmahn e-mailed us with a question about da kine: Based on your Web article (and watching his TV show), I know Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and Beth Chapman’s business is named Da Kine Bail Bonds.
Ryan’s family is local to Hawaii, meaning their family goes back many generations living on Oahu and Kauai.

It is a lexicalization of a voiced dental fricative having become a plosive and the plosive of the nasal + consonant termination having been dropped, both of which are common developments in many slang registers of English, such as AAVE.

Da-kine definition: Good , best.

Talk story means chatting or casual conversation and Talk stink means talking bad about someone else. Or so I thought. Proper Noun – I wen take malasadas to Aunty Da Kine.

. . ” What does kind mean kine? British Dictionary definitions for kine kine. / (kaɪn) / noun. Dakine comes from a Hawwaiian expression used originally by surfers. Talk story means chatting or casual conversation and Talk stink means talking bad about someone else.


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Kine is a hawaiian words that translates to "the one".

Feb 8, 2020 · Da kine /də ˈkaɪn/ is an expression in Hawaiian Pidgin (Hawaii Creole English), probably derived from “that kind”, that usually functions grammatically as a placeholder name (compare to English “whatsit” and “whatchamacallit”).


Origin of Da-kine From the kind.